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Custom Grip Tape

€12,99 Price €20,99

Please keep in mind that when you apply your grip tape to your board, a section of your design may be chopped off. Please compare your board's measurements.

Your design will be printed on High Quality Grip Tape.

Keep in mind that while your custom design will be clearly printed, the colors will not be as vibrant as what you see on screen.


Griptape that will set you apart!

Our Griptape has a mixed mid-size grit that has the grip of the high grit tape and the durability of low grit tapes. It also is water, cold and heat resistant so it can be used all year around.

The application of grip is made as easy as possible with a super sticky adhesive backing and the bubble free result is achieved with micro-holes that let all the air out, that usually gets stuck under the griptape.

All Griptapes have been tested by and developed together with skate, scooter and longboard pro riders to achieve top tier performance in compliment to the high quality print of our colorful designs.