The application manual

Applying a griptape is an important task and should be done precisely to ensure the best performance. A good thing is, that even though it requires a certain level of focus and precision, it can be done by everyone.

So to make this easier for you, here are specific steps you need to follow for you to succeed...

Step 1
Preparing the deck

If you are using a new deck, then there is not a lot to prepare besides taking it out of the package. But if you are using the old deck, then you should peel off your old grip tape (heating it up with a fan might make this job easier), and if possible but not necessary you can clean the surface and take off weels, tracks or any other parts that could get in the way.

Step 2
Align the Griptape

Before sticking the griptape on to the deck, lay it over, so you can make sure it is the right fit and direction.

Step 3
Peel off paper-backing

Take the grip tape and carefully start peeling off the paper-backing from one side to the other till it is completely peeled off.

Step 4
Stick the tape

Hold the griptape over the deck and slowly start moving it down till it lays down on the deck and sticks.

Step 5
Press it down

Take the paper-backing that was peeled off before and place it on the grip tape, then you can start strongly pressing down on the grip tape and slowly "massage" it till it completely sticks to all parts of the deck.

Step 6
Highlight the edges

Take a screwdriver and carefully rub it down the edges, so it leaves a white line that will highlight the edge.

Step 7
Cut off the excess material

Using a paper knife cut off all the excess material outside the highlighted line.

Step 8
Smoothen the edges

Take a part of the excess material and use it to rub it over edges, so they become smooth.

Step 9
Poke the holes

Poke small holes from the back of the deck using a nail or any other sharp object that fits in to the screew hole.

Step 10
Put the build together

Almost done... just put all the rest of you ride together, add screews, trucks, wheels or any other parts needed.

And you are ready to go!